Headline Missing and Required Error for Blogger

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When you use google webmaster tools structured data testing tool, one of the error that you may encounter is the Headline Missing and Required. Try this to solve the problem.

How to Add Author Bio Box on Blogger

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In adding author bio box on blog that uses blogger as platform, one must enable first the show author profile on the default blogger template.

Make Money with Infolinks in Text Ads

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Another program that serves as one of the best adsense alternative is the Infolinks intext ads. Similar to Kontera and is directly compete with Kontera in terms of intext advertisement. Infolinks also display ads according to the blog content and considered as pay per click program. Since the concept of Infolinks is the same as Kontera therefore banner ads is also not available.

Recent Post Widget for Your Blog Using CSS Style

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If you want to display the most recent article posted in your blog the recent post widget is the key. Displaying the widget will help your blog reader to know about the new updates. There are many ways to create a recent post widget for your blog one is creating recent post widget using Feeds from Feedburner and the other one is using CSS style. Put the recent post widget on the side bar of your blog.

Contextual Link Building a Key to Search Engine High Ranking

One way for a site to achieve success in online business is by having tons of traffic coming from search engine like the Google. For a site to grow contextual link building helps a lot especially for one site linking to another site with relevant content, when your site is about auto it helps when you link to an auto site also.

Kontera vs Infolink, Adbrite vs Chitika

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Since the beginning of my adsense account from being disabled I keep on searching for adsense alternative (but up to now there are none, I guess) to continue my money making online, I applied for different ad format and used it on my site, I tested different format before I decide what format will I use permanently on my site and below are my result.

Adsense Alternative 2013

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Recently I received an email that most adsense publisher do not want to receive, I had my adsense account disabled for the reasons that it violates policy by putting by adsense code to a site with little to no quality content and that it did not provide a good user experience because it did not provide visitor to navigate easily when looking for information. I try to do an appeal to adsense team for the reason that my site and all the content in it was unique and of good quality content also all the information needed by my visitor can easily be access on the side bad menus, however the answer that I get from them was a prefabricated email coming from automatic mail source denying my appeal.